Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Face Book Live with Fiona - March Edition

Hello my 13 Arts friends. Fiona here with you today to share an art journal page I created during my latest Face Book Live session on the 13 Arts Page on Monday 10th. I was meant to be joined with Olga and we were going to create together but we had some technical issues and so I ended up creating on my own but that's ok ... next time. We'll work it out and you will be able to join us as a duo.

So this is what I made. I featured the new collection "Until Dawn" and tried out the new COLOR GLOW product. I LOVE it!!!

I used the COLOR GLOW on the background and also to paint on the berries and yes .... I added some pink Challenge accepted girls!! LOL

You can watch all the madness and creativity in the live video as I recorded it in case you missed it.

The link to the live video is HERE. Sit back with a cuppa and relax while I talk you through my creative process and all the amazing products I have used from 13 Arts.


Thank you to everyone who tuned in to be with me during the live session. I seriously had so much fun. Next time we well try to work out the technical issues and add Olga to the mix. 

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

"Beautiful" By Christine

Hi everyone!
I'm very happy to share with you my first publication 
as a DT member of this fabulous 13@rts team.
I present you a layout with a small step by step.

For begin I put a layer of Clear Gesso.
Then I used Stencil Mandala l with White Gesso.

Then I used Stencil Berries with Modeling Paste  

With the stamp Vintage Background I stamped here and there around the patterns of fact with the stencil with a mixture of paint and a mixture of ink and Rainbow color.

For the embellishments I cut out the patterns in the 12x12 and 6x6 papers of the Until Dawn collection.

Then I glued my cut patterns, sisal and some chipboards.
And I finished with a few drops of Splash! White.

Material used:

Have a nice day!

Monday, 19 March 2018

Simply Beautiful Mixed Media LO & Video

witajcie :)
Dziś przychodzę do was z mixed mediowym, warstwowym LO.
Na zdjęciu moja przyjaciółka z młodości, i choć dzielą nas tysiące kilometrów,
łączą nas niesamowite wspomnienia :)

I'm coming today to share with you mixed media, layered LO.
On the photo is my beautiful friend from teenage years!
Although the distance between us is thousands of kilometers,
we're bound by great memories :)

Mam dla Was także filmik:
I also have a video for you :)

Dziękuję i życzę Wam kreatywnego tygodnia!
Thanks a lot! Have a creative week :)

użyłam / I've used:

Papier Travel

Naklejki A4 - ARIA STORY eng black

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Our New Talented Designer- Antonia Moreno

Czas poznać naszą nową Gościnną Projektantkę- Antonię Moreno z Hiszpanii!

It's time to meet our new Guest Designer! - Antonia Moreno from Spain!

My name’s Antonia Moreno and I am from Madrid (Spain). 
I’ve been passionate about scrapbooking for seven years now. It started as a light hobby, as the many I had before. But it has become my passion on my spare time. I love creating layouts, as they save our best memories, but also like to alter wooden boxes and making smaller projects as cards or tags. My style is a mixture of romantic and mixed media, adding lots of details to my projects.
As an expert on the Communications, Events and Marketing field on my professional side, I use my social media channels to share my knowledge and creations. Three years ago I created an annual non-profit event called ScrapLab in Madrid -the city where I live- to share this passion with other 


Hi everyone! It is Antonia with you today to share with you my first project for 13@rts. 

Since the very beginning that I saw Until Dawn collection, I knew I was going to create this layout. It was not so easy to find the perfect photo, which was found among my friend Teresa’s photo-book. 

I also wanted to use the wonderful teal and blue mists colors from 13@rts. They mixed and match so well together! So I needed to work with white flowers and embellishments to let those colors highlight. 

See the beautiful texture at the background? I used the dandelion stencil - so pretty, and added xs an micro spheres, which are perfect for adding light to the project. 

Do not forget to make some cutouts from the papers, they are great for any little space. 

To finish the project, I added some splatters of white acrylic paint, teal and blue mists. 

Hope you like it. See you soon! 


Antonia M. 

Products used: 


• Until dawn: Frosty morning
• Until dawn: All good things

• Alice in Candyland: Stickers collection :: Stitches
Stencil Dandelions

Ayeeda Medium: 

• Clear Gesso 
Ayeeda Ink Splash! White

Ayeeda Mist: 

Ayeeda power 3D: 

>>> <<<

Więcej pięknych prac Antonii znajdziecie na jej kanałach Social Media:
See more beautiful projects by Antonia on her SM channels:

Instagram: @cascaradepapel

Friday, 16 March 2018

Color Glow part 1

Czy poznaliście już naszą nową linię:
Have you already met our:

Color Glow

Można ich używać na wiele sposobów. 

1. Zmieszaj je z wodą i używaj jak akwarelek, np. do kolorowania stempli
2. Spryskaj powierzchnię wodą i maluj mokrym pędzelkiem zanurzonym w Color Glow
3. Posyp kartkę i spryskaj wodą
4. Pomieszaj je z Gel Medium by uzyskać błyszczącą pastę idealną do użycia z maskami. 
5. Wymieszaj je z Liquid Medium by uzyskać niezwykłe efekty na swoich pracach 

Im więcej dodamy wody tym kolor będzie jaśniejszy i tym bardziej proszek się rozpuści. Ciemniejszy odcień otrzymamy dodając więcej proszku i mniej wody.

There are so many ways to use them. You can:

1. Mix them with water and use like water paints for example to color the stamps 
2. Spray your surface with water and then paint with wet brush and some powder.
3. Sprinkle with some powder and then spray with water.
4. Mix them with Gel Medium to have a shiny paste great to use with stencils 
5. Mix them with liquid medium to get amazing effects on your projects 

The more water you add the lighter color you achieve and the powder will dissolve more.

A teraz kilka inspiracji od naszego DT:
And now some projects from our  DT:

Olga użyła Color Glow na suchej pracy i spryskała wodą:
Olga sprinkled her project with dry Color Glow and sprayed it with water:

>>> <<<

Agnieszka stworzyła piękne akwarelowe efekty. 
Agnieszka made some beautiful watercolor effects


>>> <<<

Dawid wybrał malowanie na mokrej powierzchni. 
Dawid chose painting on a wet surface. 

>>> <<<

A ja użyłam ich moim ulubionym sposobem: Color Glow + Liquid Medium oraz robiąc błyszczącą pastę z Gel Medium
And I used them in my favorite way: Color Glow + Liquid Medium, and by making a shiny paste with Gel Medium. 

>>> <<<

Jak zawsze zachęcamy Was do chwalenia się pracami. 
Możecie podzielić się nimi w komentarzu lub w naszej Facebookowej grupie ARTelier :) 
Tagujcie nas także na Instagramie (@13arts) - bardzo lubimy oglądać Wasze prace. 

As always we'd like to encourage you to show us your projects.
You can share them in the comment or in our ARTelier FB Group :) 
You can also tag us on Instagram (@13arts) - we love discovering your projects. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Until Dawn Collection with Shona

Hello 13@rts Fans!!  Shona here today with a layout to share! I am in love with the Until Dawn Collection! Beautiful pretties to play with!! Because I used mediums and sprays on my papers I first primed it with Clear Gesso. This helps prevent liquids from absorbing into the papers or warping them. I then did stamping and stencil work with Modeling Paste on the background. The two stencils I used are: Dandelions and Leaves

Once my background is done I used some of the Rainbow Color powders to add color to my layout. I used Black Duo and Turquoise Duo. Just sprinkle the powder on and add water! They are super fun to play with!

After I dried my project I added all the finishing touches. I used Gel Medium to adhere the beautiful flowers, natural twigs, and microspheres. I also tucked in a fun metal clock piece with Gel Medium.

Finish it all off with one of the transparent sticker titles and some White Splash Ink 

That is it for me today… Take care and happy scrapping!!

13@rts Product List

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Happy Time

Hello dear 13arts friends

It's Anguree with you on the blog today and I'm super excited to be sharing my first post as a design team member of this amazing group of designers. It surely has been a dream come true and I hope that you will enjoy your visit with us today.

Have you seen our new Glow Colours?  If you have not, you are in for a treat.They are so shiny and vibrant and you can use them in so many different ways. Just to show you, I will show you two different ways of how I used them to create this layout.

I started off by mixing black gesso with Magic Powder and stenciled it to my background. I dried it with my heat-tool and brushed over some Color Glow Amber with a dry paintbrush. I then sprayed the powder with water and allowed it to run among st the creases and lines from the stenciling.

I coated my embellishments with clear gesso and dried it with a heat-tool.Once it was dry I painted it with a mixture of glow powder and water.

For a little extra bling, I added splashes of Old Silver Splash Ink Glitter on both my flowers and background. I'm sure you would agree, that glitter just makes everything a little prettier. Yes I never been a bling-bling sort of girl, but I fell in love with this bottles of magic when I discovered it late last year, so chances are you would too. ;)

13 arts products used:
A4 Stickers- Aura Rose Eng gold

Thank you so much for visiting us today. Please let us know if you have any questions about the project or how you could do this yourself. Till next time, have a beautiful day.